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On Giving - White Ribbon Day 2021

On Giving - White Ribbon Day 2021

November 19 is White Ribbon Day

The theme for White Ribbon Day this year is ‘How Can Men Make Change?’ Learn, Give, Take Action’

The very first 'International Day Against Violence Against Women'
was held on 25 November in 1981. 
It was 10 years later that the first White Ribbon Campaign was started, by pro-feminists Layton, Slusser and Kaufman, in Canada. The campaign was born in response to the question of what men are doing to end men's violence against women.
The white ribbon symbolised  "the idea of men giving up their arms",
and men’s opposition to violence against women.
In 1992, Bob Pease, a member of the Australian group  Men Against Sexual Assault (MASA), heard Kaufman give a talk on the topic and was inspired to launch
White Ribbon campaigns around Australia. 
In 2007 the White Ribbon Foundation was established in Australia, focusing on raising funds for the annual White Ribbon Day as well as other awareness raising initiatives.
The elimination of gendered violence is something we feel passionate about at East End Flower Market, which is why we will be donating $10 from every White Ribbon Everlasting sold on our website, to assist the Zahra Foundation in their tremendous efforts at ending violence against women.
The Zahra Foundation is an Adelaide based charity that started in 2015 after the tragic murder of  Zahra Abrahimzadeh, who was killed by her former husband in 2010 after enduring 20 years of domestic violence. This incredible charity support women and children who have been affected by domestic and family violence, specifically addressing the financial abuse and disadvantages women experience as a result of domestic violence. The Zahra Foundation provide tailored programs and services that promote the economic empowerment of women. 
With these much needed funds, the Zahra Foundation will be able to continue the development and delivery of these valuable programs, which promote the economic empowerment of women and create pathways for women into further education and employment.
If you'd like to find out how you can get involved further, check out White Ribbon Australia or Zahra Foundation Australia


On Giving - White Ribbon Day 2021

On Giving - White Ribbon Day 2021

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