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Changes in the Industry

CHANGES IN THE FLORISTRY INDUSTRY   Like many industries around the world, floristry has taken a large financial hit over the past couple of years. In this blog post we would like to outline some of the struggles our industry has faced, so that our customers can be well informed and understand how this may impact the products bought from us.   There are so many factors as to why flower prices have dramatically increased over the past couple of years, the Coronavirus pandemic being the most obvious. The 1.6 billion dollar Australian flower industry was first hit by the restrictions imposed by the governments lockdowns and capacity regulations. Many florists lost thousands of dollar’s worth of stock and clientele...

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The Wildflower Chronicles: Episode two; Geraldton Wax

The Wild Flower Chronicles Welcome to the wild flower profiles! A place to grow your excitement about the beautiful wild flowers that nature creates Each episode will feature a different flower that appears in our wild florist choice bunches so you can learn a little more about the flowers you see in your beautiful bouquets Geraldton Wax  Geraldton wax is a beautiful dainty flower native to coastal town Geraldton, in Western Australia. It is a favourite amongst the florists at East End Flower Market and we look forward to the late Autumn when it comes into season. Geraldton wax may appear in your bunch as a bud or wax flower.  As well as being popular among local florists, Geraldton wax is...

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