Introducing… EEFM Luxe!

Classic East End Flower Market with a twist

At East End Flower Market, we have always strived to provide our customers with great value, long lasting blooms, and the Luxe Collection is an extension of that. The Luxe Range is, as the name suggests, luxurious. We think it is the perfect combination of the classic East End Flower Market style, with a contemporary and upscale edge.

Luxe arrangements will include some of our favourite, staple EEFM blooms like Chrysanthemums and Proteas, but will also incorporate some more premium flower varieties such as Roses, Orchids, Anthuriums, and other seasonal blooms.

The style in which the Luxe collection is arranged is also different from the classic EEFM product - instead of the full, symmetrical and structured look of a classic EEFM bouquet or arrangement, a Luxe product is much looser and more unstructured, and made in a more contemporary and asymmetrical style. 

Whether you are looking to spoil your loved one with champagne and roses, or need an extraordinary arrangement for a special occasion, the Luxe range has something for everyone.

In keeping with our classic EEFM way of doing things, the Luxe Collection will be available in our Signature colour-tones -

 The Vintage, The Vibe, The Pantone Pink, The Neutral, and The Wild


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