COVID-19 Terms and Conditions at EEFM

Here at East End Flower Market, we love our city shop and the sense of community it brings with it. With that said, we have made the decision to close our store to the public for the time being, to help protect our community. We will become online-only, still offering delivery to residences around the Adelaide-metropolitan area, and some businesses. To make our delivery services more accessible to our customers, we are adding an automatic $5 discount to all orders placed over the website from 6pm, Wednesday 18th March, 2020.
At EEFM, we have the (lucky) job of spreading joy to your loved ones, and we want to make sure that it is only joy we are spreading, and nothing else. By limiting our direct interactions with customers and the public, we aim to keep our staff, their families, and your loved ones safe.
As a precaution, we will no longer be delivering to schools, hospitals and nursing homes, instead only to residential addresses and businesses with a reception. Our couriers will be limiting the time they spend in buildings – delivering to the receptions in office buildings (instead of directly to the recipient), and will be knocking on doors at residences but then leaving the flowers in water instead of waiting for someone to come to the door. Where possible, we ask that you opt to deliver flowers to a house rather than a business, to help protect our couriers and staff as much as possible.
Our staff are being sensible in their personal lives also. We are all committed to limiting our time in public spaces, and have stopped the use of public transport for the foreseeable future. We are ensuring that our workspace and homes are clean, and are practicing the recommended social distancing.
We are grateful for your continued support during these tough times, and as always, welcome any questions or queries through phone 08 8225 6477, or via email