EEFM's Awareness Movement

2020 marks East End Flower Market’s five-year anniversary. We have been so lucky over the past five years to have experienced an immense amount of support from our friends, family and the Adelaide community that we feel it is now our opportunity to give back.
Every month in 2020, we are going to pick a different cause that is close to our hearts to highlight. Each month, every time you purchase our Awareness Bouquet, in any size, you have the opportunity to add a $5 donation to the that month’s cause. For each donation our amazing customers make, East End Flower Market will match. Every month we will keep you updated on our progress, as it is all thanks to YOU that this is possible. To allow for this transparency, we can only accept these donations on orders made for The Awareness Bouquet on our website.

While we will be picking a specific charity or organisation to support, we will also aim to highlight other amazing organisations during the month to raise greater awareness for the issues we choose to feature. We understand that not everyone is in the position to donate regularly, and perhaps this isn’t the right time for you, so we hope that by providing information about our chosen causes we can give our customers the opportunity to share this information with others, or even donate at a later stage.
The charities that we will be supporting will be different each month, as every member of the EEFM team has different causes that are close to them. As a business of young people, it’s important for us to act towards creating a brighter, happier and more inclusive world for our future generations to grow up in, and the issues and organisations we highlight will reflect these values. From environmental and animal services, mental health and LGBTQ+ support, to healthcare and health research, we hope to raise awareness amongst our customers and supporters for a variety of important causes.  
In our day-to-day business at East End Flower Market we aim to support local growers and wholesalers where we can, and we will continue this through the organisations we support with our Awareness Movement. Where possible, we aim to support South Australian based programmes, but will also include some national organisations. Although it might not feel like it sometimes, small businesses and organisations can still thrive, and we hope that with our support, and the support of our incredible customers and supporters this trend will continue growing.
While we embark on this Awareness Movement of 2020, we want our supporters to know that we value their feedback more than ever. If you have ever worked with, or been involved with one of the organisations we choose to give to or highlight, we would love to hear from you! We are lucky to have a platform to share these great causes and highlight these issues, so if we can help your voice be heard as well then that is a win for us too. Whether you are in a position to add your $5 donation to your cart or not, we hope that you will still share this message within your own circles.
The team at EEFM would like to thank you again for your continued support, and we hope you can share this journey to a better 2020 and beyond with us!
With love and gratitude,
East End Flower Market