Flower Crowns

East End Flower Market Flower Crowns
We create flower crowns using the hardiest seasonal flowers in your desired colour palette, whether it be pastel, burgundy, bright, white and green or wild flowers we have you covered for your next function.
The following style and prices are as follows; 
Quater Crown- $60
Half Crown- $90 
Full Crown- $120 

As not every individual has the same size head we make our flower crowns with a ribbon at the back. This way you can alter the crown so that it fits you comfortably. 

You can select any coloured ribbon that suits your theme.

Our flower crowns generally last about 12 hours so we usually make them one hour prior to you wearing them. This means it looks perfect for the duration of your event.


Please call us on 82718330 to organise a crown for your special day, we require a deposit or full payment when ordering.

If you have any questions email us at hello@eastendflowermarket.com


We are more than happy to customize to your specific event.