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Zanzibar Gem

Zanzibar Gem

How to care for your

EEFM Zanzibar Gem

Common Name: Zanzibar / ZZ Plant
Scientific/Botanical Name: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia
Type of plant: Rhizome Plant
Flowering: The Zanzibar does produce a small flower, although this often only occurs when in its natural habitat or outdoors.
Origin: Africa
Watering: Watering depends on where you have your plant and how much light it receives. More light = more water, less light = less water! Over at EEFM we have come to learn that the Zanzibar’s at our houses are very happy on a shelf in a darker spot and being water everyone month or so. Less is more with this plant!
Climate: This plant is pretty easy going when it comes to the temperature, preferring a moderate temp, anything above 8 degree!
Sunlight: Tolerates low light and bright light, the Zanzibar is happy almost anywhere in the house! Does not enjoy direct sunlight however
How does the Plant go with pets?
If your furry friend is a plant muncher, it’s best to sit this one up higher where they can reach it. When consumed in larger amounts, the Zanzibar can be toxic to our animals
How big does the plant grow? The Zanzibar is a relatively slow growing plant. It can however grow up to 3ft long!
Fertiliser: Growing season for most plants is in the warmer weather, so it is best to fertilize with a weak liquid fertilizer in the warmer growing season
Repotting: If you feel like your Zanzibar is growing really well and you want to encourage new growth, repotting once per year will keep this plant expanding and healthy
Common Problems:
  • Lower leaves yellowing – A small of leaf yellowing is normal and sometimes just happens, although you should check if you are over watering it, this is a common cause of yellowing leaves
  • Leaves turning brown – If the leaves feel damp and soggy to touch, this could be overwatering. If the leaves are crunch and dry, give the plant a good water and regularly spray the leaves with water from a pray bottle to create a good humid environment and give it some moisture