Meet the Team

Meet East End Flower Market's Team

Introducing East End Flower Markets team. 

Justine is the co-owner and creative mind behind East End Flower Market.
She has been a qualified florist for over 10+ years. Her floristry skills have taken her many places including working in the UK. Her passion for floristry and the encouragement from Josh, has now brought her to open East End Flower Market for the past three years.
Justine is known as being a very laid back, down to earth person with a design and creative mindset like no other. Walking into East End Flower Market shows just a tiny bit of Justine’s creativity.
The team continually look up to Justine as she always has new, modern ideas flowing through the business. Justine is a determined, hard working person who also doesn’t mind a few G&T’s on the weekend with her close bunch of friends.
Josh is co-owner and business mind behind East End Flower Market .
You may recognise him as our number Uno courier, who delivers to you seven days a week.  Josh works tirelessly to guarantee our customers flowers are delivered on time, always.
Whilst Justine more so handles the creative side of EEFM, Josh is the brains behind it all. The duo combined are an unstoppable pairing, who have already achieved amazing things going into their third year of business.
If you catch Josh about the streets make sure you stop him to have a good chat about soccer, or his love for dad jokes.. he also loves a good cup of tea.
East End Flower Market first met Imogen when she designed the East End Flower Market logo, the current team loved her enthusiasm and hilarious personality. In the middle of 2016 Imogen kept doing design work for us but also picked up the apron and became EEFM’s newest employee.
With a love for design, Imogen is always looking for the next thing to create, whether its graphics, textiles, different floristry creations or even many crafternoons designing clothes. Similar to her bouquets, she’s out there and loves experimenting with the ‘Florist Choice’ option available in the East End Flower Market range.
Imogen has a love for cycling, volunteering and design. She is a fun and hilarious person to be around, and turns anything into a fun time. She is the life of the party. Come in store and let her tell you a crazy joke, which always has our staff in stiches.
Charlotte is the youngest (but longest serving) member on our team, but don’t let her age fool you. She has many years of wisdom and is great with advice, be it life, love or colour tone choices for your next East End Flower Market arrangement.
When she’s not working, you can find Charlotte experimenting, researching and tending to her very large indoor plant collection. Get her to show you a picture or twenty of how she looks after each of our EEFM plants.
Charlottes hobbies include the ocean, interior design and all things family and friends related. (She loves her family so much she chooses to work with them everyday). Charlotte loves to chat and learn about anything so come on in and let her teach you or you teach her something today!
East End Flower Market first met Amy as a frequent customer who brought in a wonderful energy. She was promoted from one of our most valuable customers to EEFM team member/junior florist (We knew her charismatic personality was needed more often than just her regular flower fix).
Amy has a passion for Pilates and when she’s not making beautiful bouquets, she’s being a Pilates instructor for Mint Movement. Amy also loves baking sweet treats for us all to enjoy (Lucky EEFM). Amy also loves Christmas time, it is her favourite time of the year and she will not doubt have bauble bauble earrings on, and a Christmas song ready to sing if requested.
You will recognise Amy because she always has a big smile on her face, bringing laughter and conversation to East End Flower Market, Amy will always brighten your day. 
We first met Rosie when she bought flowers from EEFM for her co-owned business O, speak to use and design a clothing line collection out of.
Rosie has a beautiful, gentle, creative and caring mind that when she was brought back into our lives again we knew we just had to have her on the team. She offers a beautiful and calm energy, and will be able to help you pick a gift or something for the home with ease. In Rosie’s spare time she enjoys doing yoga, outdoor activities (i.e. hiking, walking), as well as hanging out with her big and beautiful family and friends.
Darcy is someone you can’t not get along with. Coming from Bordertown in SA, Darcy is a country girl who loves a good joke, making the most out of everything and saying you ripper (which we love!!!).
When coming into East End Flower Market you will notice Darcy’s energy making our shop a happy and chirpy place to be! She is always up for a laugh, a schnity at the Cumby with friends and going to the beach. Come in store today to see Darcy’s beautiful arrangements and hear her really good one liners.
Christian is one of our EEFM couriers. When he’s not busy at University studying his double degree in Economics and Psychology, he is in the EEFM Van delivering your flowers to your door.   
Christian is a very happy, easy going guy. A couple of fun facts about Christian is he was born in Germany and loves to do a bit of casual Ice Skating. Make sure to wave hello when he’s out in the streets doing the EEFM deliveries.  
Introducing one of our newest EEFM staff members, Chelsea. She is a very easy going and happy soul, who fits perfectly into the EEFM family. She absolutely loves taking on any floristry task, so put her to the test and get her to make one of the beautiful large bouquet of any colour tone.
Chelsea enjoys spending time with her family, she is one of fifteen grandchildren. She loves being crafty and doing DIY projects, and essential oil candle making. Chelsea has a large interest in event management, you can often find her at any music festival in Adelaide - so come in store today and have a chat with her about upcoming music.
 Sofia adds a beautiful energy to our store that perfectly embodies the oasis we want our store to be. Sofia is half East Timorese and half Austrian, and in fact has visited both East Timor and Austria. She is a classical violinist and have been playing for 15 years. She wows us constantly with the amazing talents she holds, which is why we weren't surprise how easily she picked up EEFM's floristry style. Come in store today to let Sofia make a perfect Wild Flower Bouquet for you!
When Sofia isn't in the store, she loves to go for a bush walk, drink tea, go bouldering, read a book, cycle to the beach, photography, drawing, fashion design, bake cookies, spend time with my friends, family, and the love of her life- her Labrador, Brandy. Come in and chat with Sof, you will be absolutely wrapped with her, just like we are.
Henry may be our favourite team member (Sh, don’t tell everyone else). He’s very quiet, very respectful to flowers and boy oh boy is he beautiful. He can do shake, roll over and sit. So if you’re lucky to spot him, make sure you get him to pull out all the tricks. He only comes in store when Charlotte really nags Josh and Justine, but when he comes in you’ll probably see him on our Instagram Stories and Photos. And yes he loves you too.