Meet the Team

Meet East End Flower Market's Team

Introducing East End Flower Markets team. 



Juzza is the heart and soul behind EEFM. She is the owner and Director and makes all the magic happen! She’s also a busy lady - when she’s not working at EEFM, you’ll find her making more magic happen at Ceroon, looking after her son, Bede and daughter Stevie, or spending time with her Husband, Josh. You’ll find Juzza wearing stunning Gorman dresses 7 days a week!
 Bonnie is EEFM's boss lady! She is the definition of cool calm and collected. You can find her at EEFM listening to housework hits or sneaking in carnations into our flower deliveries. On the weekends you can find Bonnie at Power Living practicing strength and conditioning. 
Hannah is sure to put a smile on your face every time you see her at EEFM! When she’s not at work, you’ll find her travelling around in Frankie, her new van, seeing the sites SA has to offer! You might also see Han’s smiling face pop up on our sister-site Ceroon from time-to-time.
Grace is another incredible artist and you can catch some of her art on a selection of gift cards available in store. You’ll often find her on the other end of the phone when you call us at EEFM as she is a guru in admin!
Caz is known at EEFM for creating massive masterpiece bouquets! She is not only an incredibly talented florist, but also an amazing artist. When she’s not working at EEFM, you might find her showcasing some of her hidden parkour skills or, contrastingly, drinking tea and knitting a jumper!
Rosie is the ray of sunshine everybody needs in their lives! When she’s not at work, you’ll find her spending time in the great outdoors, or relaxing with a delicious glass of natural wine!
Sophie is creeping up on Irene’s title of best laugh at EEFM! Sophie is always up for a talking Instagram video with her bestie Hannah! She’s obsessed with her super cute puppy Jasper and if we ever hurt ourselves she has the skills from her time in ED nursing to save our lives!
Lois is a real vibe. She is a super cool chick who has the eye for all things multi media. She has a real eye for bright colours and makes an amazing bright bouquet! Bonus she is an amazing photographer!

Another talented musician to join our ranks. You’ll find Emily on Vocals and playing her trusty tambourine with her band the ‘Dainty Morsels’. With favourite bands like ‘Stranglers’ and ‘Brian Jonestown Massacre', it's safe to say 60’s Garage music is Emily’s go-to genre. Alongside her music taste, Emily’s blooms of choice would be Lavender and Delphiniums. 


Renee is a recent addition to EEFM but feels like she has been here forever.
In her spare time Renee likes to draw or play video games. You can find her watching X-Files or playing Animal Crossing on her Nintendo Switch. 
Renee reckons she has just about every Animal Crossing game there is!
Sarah is another fresh addition to our team, she's a student by day and a bartender at night. Sarah has been working in hospitality for some time now and is sure to delight you with your drink of choice.
Whether you see her by the flower stand or behind the bar, you'll be greeted by a warm smile and great attention to detail. 
Meet Gabi, another one of our new additions. Gabi  likes to spend her free time playing guitar (both electric and acoustic) and listening to jazz. As her favourite colour is green, it makes sense that she enjoys spending time outside and tending to her vegetable garden. Gabi also enjoys swimming, preferably indoors and her stroke of choice is the backstroke.
Our newest member to the EEFM family. Penny loves looking after all her plants, in her words, ‘all 40 or so’!  Outside of being a keen gardener, you can find Penny at the beach playing with her Cavoodle ‘Franklin’. There are many amazing beaches in Adelaide, but if Penny had to choose one, she’d pick Somerton Beach.


If Justine is the heart of EEFM, Josh is the brains, and together they make an unstoppable duo! When he’s not delivering your orders or playing soccer, you’ll find Josh digging into a good spreadsheet or making a dad-joke!
When he’s not working, you’ll find Pat studying counselling, watching Peep Show, or when he can - travelling! If you see him around, ask him for holiday recommendations as he’s been just about everywhere!
Sammy is another musical legend, and you can catch him in his band Baby Candy. When he’s not working with EEFM, you’ll find him working hard with Pak Music Aus to bring live music to SA.
Stu won the ‘Most Stylish’ award at the EEFM Christmas show, and if you’ve ever seen him on stage in one of his many bands, you’ll understand why! His secret talent is that he can play the clarinet and the sax at the same time!
Zac is a busy boy! When he’s not delivering your flowers, you’ll find him studying, working out at the gym, or watching Breaking Bad. At the staff Xmas party he was voted the 'Most Likely to Survive a Shift as a Florist'!
Dan started with us as a courier, however with his marketing background he is now focusing his time on taking EEFM to the next level! We can’t wait to see his great ideas come to life!
You’ll find Maya rocking out with the band Mystery Sea Creature when not delivering your flowers. A talented musician, Maya sings, plays guitar and the keys!
 Simon, also known as 'Big Sim', is a man of many talents. Simon has travelled the world as a part of the spectacular circus group 'Gravity & Other Myths'. Alongside being a strongman/acrobat, Simon is currently finishing his Masters in Architecture. Armed with his camera, you can bet Simon will find the best buildings in SA for him to take a snap of.  

A new addition to the courier fleet. Currently studying Music at uni,  Brody slots in perfectly alongside the other talented musicians in our crew. Whether he’s playing keys in his band ‘The Effends’ or cruising around on a skateboard, you’ll find Brody having a good time with his mates.