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Anthurium flowers

Anthurium flowers


You may have noticed a new flower on the block, one that EEFM have had the pleasure if getting in store for our Valentines day range last year… and guess what! They are back!
We are excited to introduce Anthurium flowers.
We were drawn towards the Anthurium flower due to their beautiful colour and style, and of course their heart like shape. In the past we have worked with a much smaller variety.
They come in a beautiful range of colours including Red, Pink, Green, White, Yellow and Orange. This week we have the spectacular Anthurium in forest green with a red centre and yellow pollen.  
Native to Northern Mexico, Argentina and parts of the Caribbean the Anthurium is a very long lasting variety of flower, if cared for correctly they can last up to three weeks! Be sure to keep in a clean vase, with fresh water and keep out of direct harsh sun.
We are selling the flowers in store this week, however like most houseplants, Anthurium plants help clean the air and are very beneficial for an indoor environment.   
Be sure to swing past East End Flower Market at 248 Grenfell St this week to get your hands on these beauties!

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