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On Giving - Earth Day 2021

On Giving - Earth Day 2021

The theme for Earth Day this year is Restore the Earth!

And what an important message that is!

Working in an industry that relies so heavily on nature’s beauties, we are always looking for ways that we can make more environmentally conscious decisions within our floristry. As well as the small, everyday choices, we are also aware of the fact that we can’t just take, without giving back.
With this in mind, and as part of our On Giving Project, we have chosen to support Trees for Life, in celebration of Earth Day. Trees for Life is an incredible SA based charity, which has been doing amazing work since 1981. Their mission is to safeguard biodiversity, revegetate and protect bushland, farm land and urban terrain. Utilising local knowledge, Trees for Life raises awareness about native plants and animals, and empowers people to take action and connect with their landscape. We decided to make a $700 donation to Trees for Life, which will assist in the planting of 200 Trees!
This may seem like an arbitrary number, but we’ll keep you posted as to why we’ve chosen this amount, when we reconnect with Trees for Life in June. 
If you also want to “Take action for the land you love”, consider making a donation at

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