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EEFM is Moving!

EEFM is Moving!

If you haven’t heard already, we are moving on to bigger and better things. Still the same amazing concept and staff that you love in EEFM but with a whole new look! We are going to have new products, a bigger flower range and a whole lot of surprises that we will share with you in the coming months! 
So why are we moving you ask? We absolutely love our current home in the East End and will miss our beautiful heritage building dearly but we have simply out grown the space. For the past two years we have had two seperate locations, a Studio where we do all our deliveries and of course our beautiful store on Grenfell St. We have always wanted to be all together in the one space so now that we’ve found our new perfect home, we are making the move!
We are super excited for the team to be working under the same roof again. Our new space will allow for our shop and studio to be in the same space.
We are still going to be located in the Adelaide CBD but our new space will not be in the East End, however we are keeping our name because that is where it all begun. The new space will have amazing parking options and will be a lot bigger. We are so excited to show you what months of planning looks like but for now we are on the tools and renovating the new space. 
To give you a clue of where we are heading:
Helpful with more parks available
Around the corner from Gilles Street
Lively neighbourhood
Interesting new products
Fun space with fun faces
Afair bit bigger then the current shop
Xtra staff, stock and goodies
We’ll keep you posted with updates on when we expect to open and invite you along to our opening night. So keep your calendar free in Spring (hint hint).
For now, we are still at 248 Grenfell Street and will be right up until we move so come on in and take a last look at our old space!

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