Flower of the month...drum roll...King Protea

As you may have noticed on our social media pages, East End Flower Market have had an abundance of our very favourite flowers coming through our doors at 248 Grenfell St lately. The king of all flowers, the King Protea. Grown locally in Balhannah and delivered 3 times a week. We are excited that the King is back in town and we love using them to brighten our bouquets.
Staying true to our ethos of long lasting blooms the king protea ticks all the boxes! They have a long vase life if you care for them properly. Like all of our blooms we recommend you trim the stems every few days and change the water regularly. Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat and your can enjoy your King for up to three weeks.
Here at East End Flower Market, we have claimed them as our own, however did you know that King Proteas are actually originally native to South Africa. They are in fact their national flower.  King Proteas love dry, hot summers and cold winters growing in well-drained and poor soil exposed to direct sunlight, If you ask me that sounds a lot like South Australian climates.
The King Protea is such a ‘hero’ it can even with stand bush fires thanks to thick underground stems filled with numerous dormant buds which start sprouting shortly after the fire and helps the plant grow back. There is an over whelming 81 varieties of king proteas, they differ in colours of the flowers and leaves. The pink King Protea is the most common. You might have also seen in store its relative the pink ice or white protea which is slightly smaller with a longer head.
Similar to other ‘native flowers’ the king protea can actually drink from its top. Meaning it absorbs water through its leaves and petals, allowing it to stay ‘hydrated’ even in the dry season when it doesn’t rain.
Make sure you head into East End Flower Market at 248 Grenfell St, Adelaide to be sure not to miss out on these beauties. We are sure they wont last long. If you can't make it in store you can order online here
Love Imogen x

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    My daughter is an International Student living on Cairns St in Adelaide. Can I pay with a Canadian Visa to send her flowers for Christmas?

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