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Soooo whats the go with EEFM?

Soooo whats the go with EEFM?

Why is EEFM the way it is?

EEFM has been open for almost four years, and in that time we have always stood by our ethos of keeping everything fresh and simple.
With that being said we always work in colour tones rather than specific styles or flowers. We like to work this way because we want to give each of our florist’s creative freedom in crafting something unique and extraordinary for you. We don’t like the idea of sticking to a floral recipe for each bouquet, as soon enough it becomes the one staff member who is making the recipes ideal of beauty. We want to see our flowers through each staff member/customers eyes and embrace plus celebrate each blooms uniqueness.
We want to push the boundaries of floristry and always be interpreting our colour tones in new and special ways. We never want to get stuck in the classic ‘box of gerberas’ for the next 10 years, we want to be able to listen to you our customer and see what flowers are making your life more worth living.
When we go to the market each day we carefully select blooms for each colour tone, then we cut and care for the flowers, put them on display to the florists at the warehouse and sit back and watch the magic work. This is the best way for us to work at EEFM, it allows us to become adaptable to trends/styles for not only the florists but also for our whole business. We always want to be moving forward!
If you want to read more about this topic, click here to read our terms and conditions, but most importantly our substitution policy.
EEFM when we first opened in 2015:
EEFM four years later in 2019:

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