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The Etiquette of Funeral And Sympathy Flowers

The Etiquette of Funeral And Sympathy Flowers

Sometimes it can be hard to express your feelings and sympathies with words, so flowers can be a good gesture to let someone know you are thinking of them in their time of need, but it can be hard to know what is appropriate to send. Let East End Flower Market take some of the stress away. 

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Here we hope to answer some of the most common questions that people have when ordering sympathy or funeral flowers, but if you have any questions we always recommend calling and talking to our helpful staff who can assist you on (08) 8225 6477.

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Should I send funeral flowers or sympathy flowers? What is the difference?
The main difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers are that funeral flowers are typically arranged by the family of the deceased, and are often casket sprays or floral wreaths for the funeral or memorial service. Sympathy flowers are instead often sent to the family of the deceased person, typically at their home address, instead of to the service. 

When should funeral or sympathy flowers be delivered? 
If you are organising flowers for a funeral or memorial service, and they are being sent directly to the church or funeral home, it is best if they can be delivered on the day of the service. Sometimes, depending on the time of the service they may need to be delivered the previous day. Flowers going directly to a service should include the name of the deceased, to ensure they can be delivered to the correct service. 
Sympathy flowers that are being sent to a residential address can be sent at any time. Often people find that they are inundated with flowers immediately after the passing of a loved one, so sometimes it can be a nice gesture to send them after a week or two, to let the recipient know you are still thinking of them. 

What flowers should I send? 
This is a very personal question, and there is no right or wrong answer. Typically, many people choose to send white or neutral toned flowers, however there is nothing to say that you cannot send a bright, vibrant arrangement if you think it is a suitable celebration of a loved one's life. 
If you are ordering flowers for a funeral or memorial service, the most common arrangements are flower sprays and wreaths. These can be used to decorate the casket, and are typically made with more open blooms so they will give the best effect at the service. If you are ordering sympathy flowers, we recommend choosing an arrangement that you think the recipient will get some joy out of, whether that is a modern, bright bunch or a more neutral and classic vase arrangement, there is no wrong choice. 
If there are any specific requests you have for your funeral or sympathy flowers, we recommend you contact our helpful staff on (08) 8225 6477, who will be able to talk through your request and ensure we can assist you as best as possible. 

What should I say on the card?
There are so many different ways to send your thoughts and condolences, we actually have a separate post on what to write for different occasions - you can read it here


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The loss of a loved one can often come incredibly unexpectedly, and unfortunately that can also cause financial stress. When you order sympathy or funeral flowers through East End Flower Market you can use Afterpay to process the payment, meaning you can pay over 4 payments to help ease some of the financial burden. 

If you have any further questions about sending funeral or sympathy flowers with East End Flower Market, please contact us so we can assist you. We know how hard it can be to navigate through this while processing grief, so we are here to help in any way we can. 
With love and compassion,
The East End Flower Market Family

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