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What to Say When You're Not Sure What to Say: Sympathy Messages

What to Say When You're Not Sure What to Say: Sympathy Messages

Sometimes it can be difficult to put your emotions into words. Sending flowers can help express those feelings, but when you need to add that little something extra it can be hard to know what to say.
Let East End Flower Market help answer the age old question,
"What should I write on my card?". 
We have some examples below for Sympathy occasions - let them guide you to write your own message, or copy them directly. 

Our thoughts are with you in your time of sorrow. Please understand that you are constantly held close in our hearts during this difficult and heartbreaking time. May the memories you shared bring solace and peace. 

With deepest sympathy to you in this most challenging of times for a short while, until joy reappears. Though the grief weighs heavy on your heart, please know that you are surrounded by those who are sending loving support and empathising with your sadness.  

No words suffice the amount of sadness you must be feeling at the moment and even though we cannot ease the pain anytime soon, each one of us would like to affirm that you will only get through it with immense strength growing within given time.

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we share in your grief. Our deepest sympathies go out to you and your loved ones at this difficult time. We are here holding space for you; keep us in your thoughts when you need a shoulder to lean on.

Each of us is keeping you and your family in our prayers now and in the days ahead, hoping that some small bit of peace will soon come into focus. In moments like these, it's always important to know we're not standing alone and we continue thinking of all of you with warmth and kindness.

Please accept our sincerest condolences, and know that no words could ever be enough to console you in this moment.

We are here for you, hoping to lend some comfort in whatever way we can. Know that even though you may feel overwhelmed, you're never alone! Our heartfelt thoughts are with you and we send peace, understanding and comfort your way.

We are here if you need anything, an opportunity to talk, a shoulder to cry on, or just an ear to listen without saying a word. Our sincerest condolences extend lovingly from our hearts to yours.

We hope that these examples have helped you to write a heartfelt card message to express your feelings in the best way possible.
If you need any flowers to accompany your message, you can order from our Sympathy range here

With love,
The East End Flower Market Family 

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