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The Perfect Birthday Gift

The Perfect Birthday Gift


Birthdays.. a magical expression of time and accomplishment for one’s life - and a possible time for stress over what to buy someone as the perfect gift!
The perfect gift is obviously based on the person, their likes, avoiding dislikes, and making that person feel special on their special day in a way that is truly catered to them!
I’d love to read the mind of my family, friends, and significant other to know exactly what I could give them or do for them that would make their birthday better each year, but unfortunately, I haven’t mastered that ability just yet!
To lend a helping hand I have put together a small list of the ‘perfect gift’ ideas to suit just about anyone...
To do..
  • Breakfast in bed – this one goes out to the loved ones or the roomies, pancakes are a classic but you can go for the perfect breaky treat to suit!
  • Take them out for a meal – they’re fancy? Take them to Press* on Pirie St, they love a good pub meal? The Belgium Beer Café on Ebenezer is calling..
  • A picnic – the beach, the Botanical Gardens, Mount Lofty Botanical Gardens, the backyard or lounge room!
  • A cosy night in – think pjs, Netflix, uber eats or their favourite home cooked meal
  • Spend time with them, time as in your undivided attention away from your phone or random distractions – show this person that on this day, you are all ears, all smiles and all theirs!
To buy..
  • EEFM Flowers or plants – whatever may suit their level of green thumb, we can help you out!
  • Endota Spa Voucher – a luxury gift for those in need of a little time out and chill out, facials, massages, spa packs whatever the heart desires
  • Accessories – fancy or not, it’s up to you and their taste! Be it jewellery, a watch, a bag, a purse/wallet, whatever you know will suit them and they can hold onto for a long time
  • FOOD – surely there’s only a small portion of people who wouldn’t want this
  • A gift voucher for their favourite store – this may seem like a cop out to some but if you know that person loves a good shop and you’re worried you may not buy them exactly what they like, this is a really good idea
To make.. Did someone say craft? This is my true calling..
  • Hand made card, nothing says effort like a cute card made purely for that person
  • Write a heartfelt birthday letter
  • Art! Here me out.. this doesn’t have to be some huge artistic piece.. think small drawing, painting, whatever may suit that persons taste!
  • A gift box full of their favourite choccies, lollies, treats, whatever you can imagine would make their eyes light up from sugary delight when they open it up!
  • Bake them a cake!! – Now I hear you saying “too much effort, I can’t cook!” Well I say, give it a go, if it fails, at least that person gets a good laugh and a warm feeling knowing you tried!
To go..
  • A weekend road trip – the Barossa, the Yorke Peninsula - for that weekend, the state is your oyster!
  • A day trip – the Barossa, think a cosy winery and a few glasses (not for the designated driver of course!) or Victor Harbour
  • The beach – now not everyone likes the actual beach with all that sand.. BUT this can mean a beautiful walk along the foot path that lines the Esplanade and meets beautiful cafes where you can chill and watch the waves roll in
  • Somewhere you know they LOVE, this will of course be different for everyone and requires you to be more in tune and switched on to what they enjoy doing, they’re adventurous? Rock Climbing! They’re arty? The Art Gallery! Your options are endless you just have to dig deep!!!
Gifting doesn’t need to be stressful and definitely does not have to break the bank!
Whatever you can do to make that person’s heart feel full will do just the trick and sometimes, your presence for the day or part of it, may be just the key.
Love, Amy x
The Perfect Birthday Gift

The Perfect Birthday Gift

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