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Why EEFM is open 7 Days a week!

Why EEFM is open 7 Days a week!

When it comes to amazing gift ideas, East End Flower Market has you covered. Especially when it comes to amazing last minute gifts! This is one of many, many reasons why we are open on Sunday. Sometimes life gets away from you and the week gets busy and you just run out of time. Never fear EEFM is here!
For the last 3 years we have been making it easy to pop in and pick up a bouquet or indoor plant and for those of you who really don’t have the time we deliver 7 days a week too!
We promise to stock only the freshest flowers, delivering new and interesting stock to our little store at 248 Grenfell St on the daily! We are constantly updating and creating new combinations within our colour tone and incorporating the coolest, on trend flowers. You might have seen in the last month the influx of wheat, cotton and pampas grass in the store and our bouquets just to name a few. Or have your been inspired by our dried flower hanging installation?
When you come in store you can be sure to find a selection of flowers showcased on our website along with something a little special that we have hand picked from the markets that morning. You will always be rewarded when you come in store. You have the freedom to either choose from our wide selection of fresh made pre-made bouquets and amber jar range or create you own bunch, guided by the EEFM team of experts we are always happy to help and we love a challenging brief.
Whether it’s a gift of for yourself to brighten the house you can come and see us any day of the week.
So next time you are in the East End on Sunday, enjoying the sunshine, a flat white and some good company don’t forget to pay East End Flower Market a visit.
We can’t wait to see you

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