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5 Alternatives to Roses This Valentine's Day

5 Alternatives to Roses This Valentine's Day

5 Alternatives to Roses for This Valentine’s Day
Wanting to say ‘I Love You” to that special someone? 
Tired of the traditional looking Roses arrangements?
Here at East End Flower Market, we’ve put together our favourite Valentine’s arrangements designed to stand out amongst the crowd with our beloved locally-sourced alternatives to the common red rose.
From the grace and elegance of the Dyed Banksia to the eye-catching style of our Snapdragons, there is an abundance of alternatives readily available for you to choose from.
Uniquely designed to make that perfect statement!
Oh Snap I Love Them
With a name like Snapdragon and a look to match, its safe to say that anybody receiving these fan-favourites will find them impossible to forget.
Beautiful Blooms for The Sweetie
Signature EEFM favourites designed in rich mauve, burgundy, red, orange and hot-pinks arranged in our popular ceramic vessel. 
Say I Love You to Your Honey
Each EEFM product is made to order with a variety of seasonal flowers, and our talented florists will stick closely to the colour swatches chosen in the design.
The Eternal Valentine’s Gift 
Artistically envisioned and carefully crafted, our Everlasting range is there to brighten up a special someone’s day, from now until forever! 
An Everlasting Reminder of Your Eternal Love.
Gift an Experience This Valentine’s.
Wanting to give your significant other a memorable day? Our Ceroon range is perfect for sharing an intimate moment. Ceroon is a curated experience, filled with some of Australia’s favourite brands and epitomizes high quality gifting.
Check out the Spotify Playlist to go with it.
Love Dan x

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