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A Huge Thank You from us East Enders..

A Huge Thank You from us East Enders..

Valentines Day is our second biggest trading day/week of the year!
2019 we aimed to be bigger and better than ever and it truly was worth every second.
Valentines Day 2019 saw us DOUBLE our delivery amount in comparison to 2018. We are pretty darn proud of the effort of all our our team!
A huge shout out to our delivery boys; dads, boyfriends, friends etc who joined the team for the day to lend their helping hands to get our flowers out to you and your loved ones on such a special day.
Of course a huge thank you to the ladies of EEFM who spent countless hours coming up with the ideas for Valentines Day, trips back and forth to the markets, checking and re-checking orders, making all of the beautiful arrangements that made it into your homes and of course, being the best team players and family members ever!
We thank our customers so much for supporting us on days like Valentines Day. We cannot express our gratitude enough! We hope with the help of our arrangements, you were able to express to that special someone or your besties how much you love and appreciate them.
As Valentines Day is ticked off for the year, we welcome in the count down for our biggest day of the year, MOTHERS DAY!
Trading is back to normal for us now, we hope to see you in store at 248 Grenfell St, Adelaide or head to our website to place and online order for delivery!
If you have any enquiries, feel free to email us at give us a call on 8271 8330
Love, EEFM x
A Huge Thank You from us East Enders..

A Huge Thank You from us East Enders..

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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