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A little bit about us - #4 Amy

A little bit about us - #4 Amy



How long have you worked at EEFM?

I’ve been here at EEFM for just over 2.5 years! It’s amazing to see how far the business and everyone involved has come over those 2.5 year too!

What’s your favourite flower? And why?

That’s so tough, it changes all the time.. but if I had to choose my favourite flower right now, it would be Billy Buttons! I have had the same Billys dried out for over a year now!! Or sun flowers! Or kale! Or Blue gum if you can count that.. They’re all so beautiful and unique!

What’s your favourite plant? And why?

I have three all time favourites! The first is the Devils Ivy (Pothos), they are so easy to grow and I love having them on high shelves just trailing down toward the floor. Second is the Zanzibar (ZZ Plant) because they pretty much look after themselves and I love when they start to grow big and crazy in every different directions. My last is a chain of hearts! I have had mine since the first week I started at EEFM and although it’s seen its fair share of neglect, it always comes back thriving and it’s so cute!

How many plants have you got in collection at home?

In my bedroom alone I have over twelve that I can count in my head right now.. In my entire house if I had to guess, it would be closer to 30 maybe? It’s a big number but I’m sure some of the other girls can out do me on that one! I have a few plants on my list that I haven’t purchased from the store yet so that number is growing still!

What’s your favourite thing about working at EEFM?

My number one thing that I love about this job is everyone here is like one big crazy family! I mean we actually enjoy hanging out with each other outside of work (Crazy, I know), sharing crazy stories and eating a truck load of food together. IT makes for a very happy heart. And of course for the work place itself the colours and freshness are my favourite thing! It’s amazing coming to work and being surrounded by flowers and plants. You just can’t be in a bad mood when you’re here, which always makes for a good day and feels less like work!

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