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Introducing: Sofia
How long have you worked at EEFM?
I’ve been a part of this beautiful team for almost a year now.
What’s your favourite flower? And why?
Just like most of us here at EEFM, I love Australian native flowers. Currently, my favourite flower is the banksia. There are so many species of banksia, but my favourite is the Banksia Victoriae. It is a distinct acorn shape that is pale orange in colour and has long pointy leaves that look like little triangular teeth. They’re a statement flower that look beautiful fresh and also dried!

What’s your favourite plant? And why?
I love plants that are long and drape down. One of my favourites is Devil’s Ivy. Its leaves are a beautiful marbled green and it grows pretty fast, too. They look so good on a window sill in the bathroom or in the kitchen to add a bit of greenery. And they’re easy to take care of!
How many plants have you got in collection at home?
My collection is pretty small. I have six plants- a Fiddle Leaf, two Devil’s Ivy, a Peace Lily, a Peperomia, and a Rubber Plant.
What’s your favourite thing about working at EEFM?
I love that it feels like working in a peaceful plant oasis. Working with flowers to create beautiful bouquets is such a thrill! And most of all, getting to work amongst some super creative and like-minded people!


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