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A little bit about us - Charlotte

A little bit about us - Charlotte

Introducing a brand new series of blogs we are going to be posting the next few weeks - 'A little bit about us'. We do already have a meet the team page on our website, if you haven't seen click here.
In the meet the team page, one of our girls writes a little spill about each one of our staff members - a quick summary to get to know who you is serving you! However we thought it might be a cool idea to get to know us a little bit more in depth written by each staff member about themselves. So ta-ta, we introduce 'A little bit about us!'
Every week we will upload one of our staff members blog!  
We hope you enjoy - we love making the EEFM family grow so always feel free to come in and chat with us and get to know us more. We want our space to feel like yours, like home.

Introducing: Charlotte

How long have you worked at EEFM?

I have worked at EEFM for three years now, which blows my mind as that has gone so quick. Best three years ever – not exaggerating.

What’s your favourite flower? And why?

My favourite flower is… well there’s a few.
Waratahs are absolutely my number one then follows King Proteas, Celosia and Billy Buttons. Although side note, I’m pretty obsessed with every single native that we get to work with.
The reason why I love these flowers so much is I just feel that every time I’m putting these flowers in a bouquet I just can’t help and take a moment to think about how insane it is that they are grown naturally. It is so cool that we can grow these flowers in basically our back yards, they look like something the earth can’t produce. So much texture, colour and uniqueness that I just can not resist!!

What’s your favourite plant? And why?

That’s also a tricky question. I would say I really love Monsteras, I love how quickly they grow, how beautiful their leaves are and that they can take up so much space - be a real statement or design piece. With that being said, I am also a big fan of Pothos or Devil’s Ivy – I have a huge Pothos at home that is taller than me and it feels like my child. It has grown so long now that I need to start clipping it to the wall.
This is my bedroom currently - taken when babysitting Henry (Justine and Josh's dog) for a weekend. 

How many plants have you got in collection at home?

I think there was a period there where my count was up to about 40. Which is ridiculous I know, but I think from working at EEFM and being surrounded by plants every day, I try to mirror that in my own home. That number has been pretty stagnant for a while now as everyone I live with judges me hard when I bring another home.



(This is a picture of how my bedroom was styled previously... just a bit overboard with the plants. Whoops).


What’s your favourite thing about working at EEFM?


My favourite thing about working at EEFM is the people I work with, we truly are such a big family and I am so lucky to be able to work along side such creative and beautiful people. I feel so blessed and excited to come to work with all these legends. I also have to add obviously working with the flowers and plants is a maaaaaajor plus as well.

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