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A little bit about us - #2 Imogen

A little bit about us - #2 Imogen

Introducing: Imogen
How long have you worked at EEFM
I have worked at East End Flower Market for a little over 3 years. I was first approached by Justine to create the logo for her new and very small business, she soon got me on board helping with content for the shop and website and before I knew it she was teaching me how to make bouquets and I was in the shop daily creating something beautiful for customers whether is be floral arrangements or design work.
What’s your favourite flower and why?
My Favourite flower by far would have to be the protea. I love the pink ice proteas that we have in store at the beginning of the year along with the king proteas that come into season later in the year. I love that we are able to buy local and support other small business when it comes to purchasing our natives. My favourite part of the week is opening the boxes delivered by the Kidman’s – our native flower suppliers and peering in to see what goodies they have sent down the hill for us. We are always surprised and excited to see what we have asked for along with a little something extra that Des says he just ‘knew we’d enjoy’   
What’s your favourite plant and why?
My Favourite plant would have to be the Fiddle Leaf Fig. I know they are hard work sometimes and a high maintenance plant but once I found the right stop – in my room between my desk and my bed, where the afternoon light hits the leaves just right my fiddle hasn’t stopped shooting new leaves and I will soon have to re-pot him.
All the hard work I have put into my fiddle- wiping the leaves, watering regularly, enough sun and out of the elements has shown as the leaves are glossy and large and I think it makes a beautiful addition to my room.
How many plants have you got in you collection at home?
In my whole house, I would have to say I have about 10- 15 plant babies. I live in a share house and when I come home with a new plant my room mates are always keen to see which room I will put the new addition in to brighten that space.
I think plants are a great investment and really help to bring a space to life, some filter the air, some give off beautiful aromas and some just look stunning. I don’t think you can ever go wrong when it comes to plants.  
What’s your favourite thing about working at EEFM
My favourite thing about working at EEFM would have to be the freedom I am giving to explore my creative side and experiment. This could be with design, like creating illustrations, or graphics for the website and Instagram to promote our beautiful products or getting involved in the brainstorming process of coming up with a new product like a fresh bouquet combinations or new pots to put our stunning indoor plant range in. I love being surrounded by such creative and motivated people and it doesn’t hurt that I get to work with some of my very best friends, along with making new ones as our team grows up and spreads its little wings.  

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