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Australian Bush Christmas Candle

Australian Bush Christmas Candle

Each year at EEFM we like to do things differently, meaning we try to never repeat our special edition creations. Christmas is no exception and neither are Christmas Candles!
After trial and error of many different scents, we collectively decided upon the amazing scent of “Australian Bush”. Think citrus, lemon myrtle, native floral and that is what this stunning candle is.
You are correct in thinking this isn’t the typical Christmas scent, but that is exactly why we love it! Christmas is Australia is like no other, and it certainly isn’t you typical cold, snowy by the fire scene that is glamourized at this time of year! We have stepped up the Aussie Christmas Spirit and felt this is the new scent that will compliment our summer Christmas time!
This is a perfect edition for the Chrissy table or to be placed anywhere around the house when you’re hosting a Christmas shindig! It will start the compliments flowing, while it compliments your surroundings itself.
We currently have these on display in store and online. Come in store to smell them to see if they suit your style!
Shop our whole Christmas range now here.
Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!
Love, Amy x

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