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Babies and Flowers

Babies and Flowers

Flowers grow all year round but babies can also bloom any time of the year! People often like to send flowers to the hospital when the baby has joined the world but also when they find out the exciting news that someone they care about will be having a child. So how do you write a card for a new parent or one to be? Here’s our suggestions:
  • Welcoming to the world (a beautiful baby boy/girl OR their name)
  • Can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family
  • Congratulations
  • Maybe some helpful parenting tips or words of wisdom
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Celebrating the birth of your new baby boy/girl
  • Offer a helping hand
  • So excited to be an aunt/uncle/father/mother/brother/sister/grandparent
  • Good work on creating a little human
  • So happy for you on the arrival of………….
  • Enjoy the rewards and adventures only being a parent can bring
  • Happy Parenting
  • You’ll be an awesome parent
  • Have fun off work!
  • Can’t wait for our fellow friends to grow up together
  • Cherish every moment
  • Catch up soon for a long awaited beverage! (obviously this isn’t for a parent still carrying!)
These are just some ideas to get you started then add your own creative spark or personal touch. Maybe adding a joke e.g., have fun changing nappies! Remember to be supportive and loving also.
If you’re stuck on what flowers to get, possibly for a hospital one of our amber jar options is a good idea so that the flowers arrive with a vase and water. A groovy idea could be to add some blue or green for a new baby boy or some pink and purple for a girl, but always keep in mind what the parents would enjoy as they’ll be appreciating the gift the most.
Love Darcy x

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