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Caring for plants in winter

Caring for plants in winter

 Plant care in winter

Lower light levels, frost, cold weather and dry air. Things that make it hard for our plant friends to survive. Which makes winter the easiest time to kill a plant. 
The trick to keeping your plants alive, is a simple change in your care routine to suit the chilly climate. 
We've compiled a list of ways to help your friends out! 
  • Make sure your plants are in the best spots to get the best sunlight. Shift them to the brightest windows in your house that get lots of warm afternoon sunlight.
  • Wash dust off your plants so the leaves can make maximum use of the available light.
  • Add fluorescent lighting. Grow lamps can be found at hardware stores and work great for plants that can't reach any natural light.
  • Plants don't need much water in winter. Start cutting back on your watering frequency.
  • Test the moisture of the soil by putting a finger into it around 2 inches deep. If it feels dry, give it a water. Alternatively, you can buy a Sustee water checker from our store that you can pop into the soil and it will tell you when your plants need watering. Amazing, right?!
  • Start misting your plants instead of watering, especially if you have dry air in your house.
  • If the leaves of your plants start wilting and turning brown, you have been overwatering it. Stop watering immediately and leave the plant until it has completely dried out. Cut off any damaged leaves.
  • Remember, it's better to under water than over water!

    • Avoid temperature extremes. Make sure your plants aren't sitting in doorways, anywhere there could be a draft or near any heating. Also if your plants are up against any windows, be wary of frost. Leave a gap from your plants to the window or move them at night. 
    • Most indoor plants are from tropical regions so they love humidity. Humidifiers are available to buy from most homewares stores and do wonders! Or you could try putting your plants in the bathroom. Your Monstera will especially love it! 

      General care
      • Avoid repotting your plants during winter and reduce your fertilising.
      • Pests can appear when the humidity is low, so keep an eye out for them!
      • Once spring comes around and you notice your plants are sprouting new leaves, it's time to give them a repot, a prune and some fertiliser. Put them back in their original places and get ready for a new season of plant love! 

        Wishing all your plants a safe and happy winter! If you have any questions or concerns about a plant, our knowledgable florists in store are always happy to help. 
        With love, 
        Irene and the EEFM family 

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