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Caring for your indoor plants in the summer time

Caring for your indoor plants in the summer time


How to Care for your indoor plants in summer time:

December has very quickly rolled around once again, so has the great Australian summer heat! As the weather changes throughout the seasons, so must our plant caring regimes to ensure our plants continue to flourish and live their best plant lives.
As we transition (very quickly) into this summer heat and out of the blooming spring season, our plants will continue to grow at a steady pace (depending on the type of plant) but the maintenance for the plants must adapt.
Here are some of our tips for caring for your indoor plants during the heat:
TIP #1: Move your plants away from hot windows!
If your plants are sitting close to windows and you’re noticing the hot arvo sun is beginning to beam it’s rays through the window and on to the plant it’s best that you shift the plant!
Most plants need a good amount of sunlight, but sun that is too bright and direct on the plants can cause sunburn to the leaves, turning them either white or brown in colour. This amount of heat will also cause the plant to dry out very quickly
TIP #2: Water. Water! 
This is the time of year to keep on top of your watering routines. Most of your indoor plants will require watering at least once per week throughout this season.
Depending on the type of plants you have and the environment in which you have them, you may be watering up to once per day! Keep a close eye on your plants and their surroundings. If you feel your space is becoming very hot and dry, you may need to up your watering as the plants soil will dry out much quicker than usual
TIP #3: Move your plants away from your aircon firing line!
This tip also refers to ceiling fans. If you have your aircon or fan blasting and your can see that your plants are either swaying in the ‘breeze’ or drying out very quickly, it’s because most are not happy with either drastic changes in temperature or being exposed to draughts.
If you have them in the same room as an aircon or fan, that is more than okay, just take care of where the plant is sitting are adapt the watering to the plants soil needs by upping the watering if it is drying out quickly.

TIP #4: Plants still need some light..
Often in this type of weather, we tend to shut the house up, keeping the blinds closed, the heat out and the sun out, in order to keep the cold in. This is great for us humans, but the plants are still there needing their light!
If you are going to keep the blinds closed during the day to keep the heat out, try to either move the plants to areas of the house that do not need to be quite so locked down (such as the kitchen or bathroom – if there is enough light coming into these rooms) OR the classic tip of not putting the blinds all the way down and moving the plants closer toward the windows so that some light still can get into the house for the plants
We hope these tips come in handy for you over this hot and festive season!
Happy Summer East End Lovers!
Love, Amy



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