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Cat Lovers Rejoice

Cat Lovers Rejoice

Cat lovers rejoice! Here’s a list of flowers and plants to avoid so we can keep your feline friends safe!
Here at east end we love your fur baby’s as much as you do! However, some plants, flowers and foliage’s can be toxic to cats, causing potential health issues. Never fear! we have done the research for you and comprised a list of goodies to avoid so you can enjoy your blooms worry free. As always, try and store your flowers or plants out of reach of your four legged friends and please consult a veterinarian if you observe any concerning symptoms such as stomach upset, swelling or difficulty breathing.
Irene's Cat Chester 
Plants to avoid
- Aloe Vera
- Most Types of ivy (English ivy, devils ivy)
- Arrowhead vine
- dracaena varieties
- snake plants/ mother in laws tongue
Flowers to avoid
- Baby's breath
- carnations
- sweet William
- chrysanthemum
- daffodils
- dahlias
- Lily’s
These plants and flowers are a rough guide based on what we usually have available in store at EEFM, for a more comprehensive list please consult the ASPCA website. Our friendly staff are always willing to help you out if you have any questions or concerns!
Love Sophie 

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