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Catherine House Awareness Movement March

Catherine House Awareness Movement March

March Awareness: Catherine House
“We believe that every woman is a woman of potential, with capacity and capability, and the right to the choices that lead to a dignified life” – Catherine House
This March, EEFM’s Awareness Bouquet charity of choice is Catherine House. Throughout the month of March, customers will have the opportunity when ordering the ‘Awareness Bouquet’ on our online store, to choose to donate an additional $5.00 to Catherine House. For every $5.00 donation, EEFM will be matching the donations made!
Catherine House Inc. was founded in 1988 and since continues to “provide supported accommodation services to women experiencing homelessness in South Australia, who are 18 years and older, and unaccompanied by children” (Catherine House).
Catherine House supports up to 54 women nightly and has now become recognised as “Adelaide’s only recovery based service for women experiencing homelessness”.
Catherine House offers education services to assist women to develop and build upon literacy and numeracy skills, and supporting them through employment seeking. Self-development courses are offered to support women to rediscover their voices after having experienced trauma, allowing them to plan for their future.
We at EEFM are passionate about education and supporting women through the good and the bad. We hope that with your support through the month of March our donations can help to make a difference for the SA women using this service.
For more details on Catherine House, head to their website

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