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Ceroon Gift Boxes

Ceroon Gift Boxes

We made the difficult decision to close our shop-front before the mandated state-wide closures happened in the interests of the health and safety of our staff, customers, and families, instead operating via a contactless delivery-only model. During this time, we were having discussions with our staff about how best we would be able to support them when we would be no longer able to trade at all. Luckily for us, that never happened. We were not only able to continue trading during this period, but we actually got busier! Even without our store, we had to increase our staff’s hours, and we have hired 5 new florists and an additional courier. Quickly, we were doing almost triple the amount of pre-Covid daily deliveries.
East End Flower Market became a way for our customers to send that much needed hug that they couldn’t give in person. From sending birthday wishes and congratulations, to condolences and thinking of you messages, we were lucky enough to be able to provide our customers with a way of sharing their lives with their loved ones. Many customers also chose to treat themselves – during stressful times adapting to working from home or not being able to socalise, our ISO-box provided the opportunity for people to be creative and keep their minds busy at home!
Our busiest time of the year, Mother’s Day, also happened to fall during this period, and this was a tough year for a lot of people. With so many people unable to physically be with their mother figures, we thought it was important this year to expand our Mother’s Day product range and we offered gift boxes for the first time. Our Mother’s Day Box was a selection of local Adelaide-made chocolates and wine, a handmade candle, a vase, hand cream, and a dried flower posy and a fresh protea. They were hugely popular and sold out quickly – and gave us a new idea..! After the dust settled from Mother’s Day, we started working on a new range of gift boxes. They were shaping up to be amazing, and we decided they needed a space of their own. And this is how CEROON was born!
Ceroon is our newest venture. We have spent months carefully curating boxes for every occasion.
Every product included in each box serves a purpose and has been chosen because it is high-quality, engaging, and timeless. Where possible, we have included locally made or designed products, and all products were chosen to celebrate and spoil the recipient. Ceroon is gifting made easy and is another way that you can give that much-needed hug that you can’t give in person.
Ceroon is that phone call to your bestie after a break up, Ceroon is the first cuddle with a newborn bub, Ceroon is that warm cup of coffee in the morning and Ceroon is thar one friend you can trust with all your secrets. No matter what’s going on in your life Ceroon has got your back.
While it’s different from EEFM, Ceroon is made with the same love, excitement, innovation, and passion for what we do that is synonymous with the East End Flower Market brand. We wanted to share this exciting new venture with you as it is something so positive to come out during, and because of, these strange times! We feel so grateful for the support that we have received from the community during this time, as it has meant that we in turn have been able to support the local community as well! Not only have we hired more staff through EEFM, but we are now making connections with South Australian and Australian businesses through stocking their products at Ceroon. We hope you are as excited as we are, and would love for you to jump on our website at to check it out and be ceroon’d yourself! We have 6 boxes that we are super proud of available for delivery 7-days a week on our online store now.
Ceroon Gift Boxes

Ceroon Gift Boxes

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