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Christmas at EEFM

Christmas at EEFM

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at EEFM. If you’ve popped into our little East End oasis recently, you will have noticed the beginning of our Christmas decorations. We’ve swapped out our usual hanging plants in the window for some of our Christmas wreaths that we have lovingly created.
Using wheat, cotton, and strilinga, we have created a pretty unique Christmas wreath. What makes these wreaths extra special this year is that they were created with wheat, which was hand picked by our staff early on a Sunday morning from our dear friend’s farm in the beautiful Barossa Valley.
Knowing exactly where our flowers and products come from is so important to us, which is why we love it when an opportunity arises where we can collaborate with the growers.
If you are an East End Flower Market regular, you will already know that we take great pride in our native flowers and the relationship we have build with our suppliers in Balhannah.
Natives will also be staring in our Christmas table centres and amber jar range this year.
By utilizing dried and long lasting flowers we can grantee these wreaths will last the distance. We are confident enough to say they may even last FOREVER if looked after properly.
Secured neatly at the top of the wreath is a hessian ribbon, long enough to tie to a door knocker, hang over the frame or a fly screen. You will receive your wreath in a box which will help with storing it during the year.
Impress visitors this holiday season with a wreath made from everything East End Flower Market has loved using this year.
The EEFM Team       

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