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Christmas Gifts That Keep on Giving at EEFM

Christmas Gifts That Keep on Giving at EEFM

Christmas Gifts That Keep on Giving at EEFM

Ahhh, Christmas. We all seem to have a love-hate relationship with this time of year, understandably so, as it is simultaneously stressful and exciting. At EEFM, we want to take a little bit of that stress away and help make it more of a merry time. Gift giving is a huge part of the Christmas tradition, but it can cause a lot more stress than joy for a lot of people. Thinking about what to get, being amongst other Christmas shoppers, spending WAY too much money; it can all be a bit too much. So we have compiled a list of Christmas gift suggestions to make it less stressful, more thoughtful, and more planet-friendly for you and the lucky people that receive your gifts.

Here’s what you can get your loved ones for Christmas at EEFM:

  1. A plant! And there are so many to choose from. If you’re unsure of what to get, ask us when you’re here and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction. We think that the Monstera (swiss cheese/ fruit salad plant) makes for a great first-time plant as its unique leaves liven up a space and it doesn’t take too much attention to thrive. To find out more about the Monstera and other plants, have a look at our ‘Plant Profiles’ page.

  2. A succulent or cacti. We’ve got a huge selection in colourful pots to suit any picky person.

  3. Dried flowers. We’ve got Strilinga, Billy Buttons, Teasel, Wheat, Cotton, and Pampas Grass. These are a great gift as they last pretty much forever! You can bunch them together in a vase or just grab a stem or two and pop them in an old glass bottle, tie some twine around the top and you’ve got yourself an everlasting gift.

  4. We make our own from soy (so your vegan friends can enjoy them too). They come in Coconut and Lime, French Pear, Vanilla, and Sweet Lemongrass. Ever wondered why our shop always smells so delicious? We’ve got these babies burning all day long.

  5. A bouquet. The easiest and most likely last minute choice (it’s okay, we’re all guilty of this). Pop into the shop any time, we always have some bouquets made up. Alternatively, have a bunch sent to your loved ones. We deliver 7 days a week (except Christmas Day, sorry! You can’t be THAT last minute).

  6. A REAL Christmas tree. To have a real Christmas tree is a rarity for most people in Australia. Why not encourage your loved ones to ditch the plastic ones and opt for a real one? It’ll be better for them and the planet.

  7. A hand-made Christmas wreath. Have you seen ours yet? We think they are absolutely stunning! Using wheat harvested from the Adelaide Hills, strilinga, and cotton, we have created a pretty unique wreath. It’d be great as a gift as it’ll last for years to come, so they can use it next year, and the year after, and the year after!
Come visit us at 248 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, and let us help you make your Christmas gift shopping easier and stress free! 


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