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Dahlia Season is Here and we are bloody excited!!

Dahlia Season is Here and we are bloody excited!!

Hey Flower Lovers!
Guess what’s blooming in Adelaide? Dahlias! And boy, oh boy, this season’s gonna be outstanding. Here at East End Flower Market, we’re pumped because local growers are bringing out the best of these beauties.
We’ve got our hands on the most gorgeous bunch of Dahlias you can imagine—six stems for just 50 bucks! And let me tell you, they’re wrapped up all pretty, with matching tissue paper and a cute ribbon. It's like unwrapping happiness!
We’re obsessed with Dahlias here, and guess what? We’re so head over heels that we’ve included them in our Valentine's Day lineup this year. These blooms are stealing the show, making our V-Day designs extra special and full of love.
Why Dahlias, you ask? Well, they come in all sorts of colours and sizes. From deep reds to soft pinks, each petal is a masterpiece. They bring a burst of personality to any bouquet, making it pop in the most stunning way possible.
Supporting our local growers is super important to us. That’s why we’re all about these local Dahlias. Each stem is a piece of art, thanks to the hard work and passion of our growers. And we’re thrilled to share that beauty with you!
Swing by East End Flower Market, soak in these Adelaide-grown stunners, and take some home to brighten your space. 
Much love, 
The EEFM Family 

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