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Devil's Ivy at EEFM

Devil's Ivy at EEFM

The amazing Devil’s Ivy or Pothos is a beautiful indoor/outdoor plant that can grow by draping down from a higher shelf indoors or can be trained to grow around a stake or winding around a pergola area.
At EEFM we love these plants because they are extremely hardy, making them easy to care for. With there need for little light and little water, this is a plant that could suit nearly anyone and any environment!
Currently at EEFM we sell these beauties in three different sizes/pots;
  1. Our smaller sized Pothos’ have been planted into beautiful grey/blue coloured shelf sitting pots. These are best to be sat on a shelf, windowsill or mantelpiece where they have the space to grow and eventually drape down, hanging their leaves towards the floor
  2. A similar sized Pothos in store are in their original plastic hanging pots. The plastic hanging part on the pots can be removed. These look amazing hanging from hooks or from the wall, or even hung under a tree outside to give it a nice shady area to grow.
  3. The final largest size Pothos in store is out standing totem pot. The totem is a large stake in the centre of the pot that the plant has been growing up and around. These are amazing as they can either be sat somewhere in the house and left to grow around the totem and the draping down and out wherever they wish to grow OR they can be placed somewhere where the growth is trained to grow around more totems/poles/up pipes etc.
Depending on the look and size of Pothos that you are going for will determine which one you would like to buy and hopefully with our three sizes/pot styles you can find one that suits your needs!
If you are after more information on how to care for your Devil’s Ivy, take a look at our “Plant Profiles” section on our website.
Head on in store now at 248 Grenfell St, Adelaide to have a look at these beautiful plants up close and while you’re at it you might find more that you didn’t even know you needed until now..
Love, EEFM


Devil's Ivy at EEFM

Devil's Ivy at EEFM

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