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Did you know EEFM has two locations?

Did you know EEFM has two locations?

 In early 2017 we decided we had finally out grown our small shop space on Grenfell St and needed another area to continue to grow. We found a place suitable for us almost instantly and moved to our very big warehouse close to the city.
We decided to do this for multiple reasons. The first reason was we couldn’t continue working on top of each other, although we did get into a good groove with each other (automatically passing scissors or tools, or what that person needed to one another subconsciously and without a word)
Secondly we wanted the Grenfell St store to be a little haven where people can come in and enjoy the space, enjoy the smells, the visuals and have a little slice of relaxation from their busy day. We loved seeing you all and having a chat and felt that with the deliveries going on it stopped us being in the moment with our customers!
We decided to spilt up the two spaces to ensure this would happen. The warehouse controls all online orders and deliveries and the store focuses on a more one-on-one shop experience. Which we love, and hope our customers do too.
Having both sites spilt works really well as the shop continually looks clean and welcoming, compared to what it used to be (we honestly don’t know how we used to do it). With the warehouse having so much more space, it means we are able to have different sections for all staff members (The staff on the phones, the florists making orders, the couriers and for all of us to get creative).
We can’t wait to see what else we can achieve in another two years, and hope you all enjoy watching and being part of the growth of EEFM. We love working with you and doing all we can to make the store and your experience perfect.
Love Charlotte x

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