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DIY Bouquet Workshop In A Box

DIY Bouquet Workshop In A Box

So you’ve been wanting to try your hand at floristry. There are so many courses out there but you don’t know what to choose and you don’t really want to commit to a long course and let’s face it, these courses can be a bit pricey. We’ve been asked time and time again if we run courses, and although (unfortunately) we don’t, we do have this simple, fun, and easy solution for you.
Introducing East End Flower Market’s DIY bouquet in a Box. Sounds pretty cool, huh? We supply you with everything you need, and you just get your creative hat on. It’s a flower workshop in a box, essentially. It’s not like putting furniture together, we promise. There won’t be any ambiguous instructions and missing pieces at the end (goddamn IKEA). This box will excite you and you get to create a beautiful product, no missing pieces when you finish. No huge commitment and no big dent in your bank account, just you and your bouquet of flowers, made by you! And hey, this is also a fantastic gift idea for someone you know who’s been wanting to try floristry!
We’ve got beginner level and pro level boxes for you.
The Beginner Box contains everything you need to start your floristry journey, and the Pro Box is designed for the people who have already purchased the Beginners Box and want to create another arrangement for their vase. 

The Beginner Box includes:

Flowers of your desired colour palette;
Scissors, regular old craft scissors won’t cut through flower stems;
String, to tie your self-made bouquet together;
Food, for your flowers- they need to eat, too!;
A vase, to display your beautiful creation;
An EEFM box designed by our in-house graphic designer, Imogen Pip (thanks Imo!);
And, most importantly, care instructions (flowers thrive when given TLC, just like you would). 
(Image above shows the beginner DIY box)
The Pro Box includes:

 EEFM Style Blooms (you can choose your colour palette) 
Flower Food 
EEFM Box designed by Imogen Pip
The most important of all Care Instructions 

We make it simple and accessible for you. We LOVE creating floral bouquets and we want to give you the opportunity to fall in love with it, too.
So, take the first step on your floristry journey by sending a EEFM DIY Bouquet Beginner Box to yourself, or gift a box to a loved one who has been wanting to give floristry a shot!

With love,

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