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Hot Cross Bun Bouquet

Hot Cross Bun Bouquet

Hot Cross Bun Bouquet….. GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT!!!!!
With Easter right around the corner, it means hot cross buns have been out for months and now its finally time for us to share a little treat with you guys…….. and that’s why we’ve created our very own hot cross bun bouquet!
For a limited time only you can get the bouquet that looks good enough to eat!!! With delicious bronze chrysanthemums like the golden brown buns, white Easter daisy spread across the bouquet like the white cross on top of the bun. Earthy blue gum that little Easter bunny would hide amongst when delivering his goodies. Wheat which funnily enough is in the real bun and our bouquet bun! Yellow daisies representing the butter you’d lather on your bun and then to finish a touch of red proteas and celosia of the little Easter egg wrapping which you’d demolish as a treat after your hot cross bun. Talk about yum!
We’ve covered it all in our new limited edition hot cross bun bouquet, for those of you who are gluten free or don’t like the little sweet treats we’ve created our East End Flower Market version for you!
(Image above shows our Hot Cross Bun Bouquet)
What we love most about Easter is that it brings us all together (and also the public holidays!) and is a nice time to catch up with friends and family who you can enjoy a hot cross bun with (EEFM’s or the baked good!) A nice little gift to take to an Easter gathering or if you love the colour scheme than it also suits any type of occasion as well (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Births, Congratulations, Apologies, Just Because).
We also have a lot of other little Easter presents that Easter bunny could bring you, like a nice little Australian bush candle or a nice little plant or succulent terrarium. To check out all of these goodies head to East End Flower Market’s website:
And start writing him a wish list!
We’ll be closed April 19th(Good Friday) and we’ll be back Tuesday the 23rd, so make sure you get your orders in early so that we can freshly bake up your hot cross bun bouquet and you get it while its hot and don’t miss out!
Wishing you a Happy Easter from all of us at East End Flower Market.

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