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EEFM has Pileas!!

EEFM has Pileas!!

You guys asked and we listened! For as long as we can remember we at EEFM have been on the hunt for rare and exclusive house plants for our loyal customers. Finally after what feels like a life time of searching we are happy to have in store and online Pileas (Yes, we know we can hardly contain our excitement either! )
Referred to as many things including, Chinese Money Plants, UFO plant or pancake plant these little guys have been hard to find! We have made them extra special and potted them up in our signature ceramic pots ready to become the newest member of your indoor plant family.
Its mind boggaling that although these guys are so rare to us here in SA it’s a known fact they are super easy to propagate. When your plant gets more established you will see ‘babies’ pushing their way through from the base of the plant. Using sharp clean scissors cut the ‘babies’ off and either place in water allowing them to shoot new roots themselves (this should take between 4-6 weeks) or re-pot into moist soil. By doing this the plant itself is living up to its ‘pass it on’ legend and you can spread them among loving friends.
Since they are so rare in South Australia we would hate for you to miss out so here are some care instructions for you to feel super confident to make the leap and purchase one of these bad boys.
Similar to other indoor plants, when potted up, you need to water cautiously. Depending on the light source (if well lit, and you see the soil is drying out quickly water a little more) we recommend once a fortnight as to not leave the roots drenched and soggy.
There are a few ways you can see if your plant is ‘happy’ or not. Use a clean, dry pop stick or something similar to test how wet the soil is, if it comes out with dirt stuck to it leave it be, if its clean its time to give it another little drink. The leaves will also tell you when its thirsty, but drooping and turning brown meaning its dry, so be sure to listen and look at your plants.
If you look after your pilea you will see it grow taller and sprout new leaves which will be large, round and a deep glossy green. Enjoy your pilea in a spot you can see it every day, knowing you have the newest, hippest little plant friend in the whole world.
Love Imogen x



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