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EEFM's favourite flower in Janurary

EEFM's favourite flower in Janurary

EEFM’s flower of the month!


Since our little break over the holidays we have been stocking a lot of Hydrangea and haven’t stopped because our customers (you guys!) have been buying soooo much of it!
Hydrangea comes in many colours such as, white, blue, green, pink, purple and more. We have been loving pink the most at the moment, as it can come in a beautiful pastel or a delicious raspberry. The pinks have been perfect for our new bouquet, the Summer bouquet.
All their colours are natural and it just depends on the aluminium level in the soil as to what colour they’ll grow. Hydrangea is local to Asia and the pink variety if received is a symbol that you are “the beat to their heart”. #HOWROMANTIC! Blue is said to represent an apology, white for bragging and purple the desire to understand someone. Also a popular 4thyear wedding anniversary symbolising appreciation.
They are thirsty flowers so the best way to look after them is in nice cool, fresh water and trimming the stems on an angle everyday with sharp tools – this will keep them super happy.
Fun celebrity fact: they were supposedly used in Blake Lively’s wedding! However, not everyone loves them as apparently they are Madonna’s least favourite flower!
Hydrangea is so popular around the world that it has its own day on the 5thof January in the USA, which makes it a very fitting flower of the month! As gorgeous as these are, they can be toxic if consumed by little and fury ones so keep them up high and out of reach of your little ones!
So what do you think about the Hydrangea? Team Lively or Madonna?
You know where we stand.

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