Top 5 Flower Arrangements at EEFM this Valentine's Day

EEFM’s favourite top 5 Flower Arrangements for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

East End Flower Market has so many beautiful flower arrangements that you can use to spoil your special someone this VDAY. As matter of fact whether that’s for Valentines or for any other time of the year. When you want to show some love, EEFM is here - we can help you out.
  1. Deluxe/Luxe: Firstly, a luxe or deluxe arrangement! You can’t go wrong!
    If you want to surprise someone with flowers bigger than the person them self, this has the wow factor that will really knock their socks off. Our in-house couriers always come back after deliveries so stoked, as the happiest reactions come from customers receiving a Luxe or Deluxe – we’ve witnessed a lot of happy tears and smiles. People are actually shook. This arrangement comes in all of our colour tones and is front facing. Made up in floral foam to hold its shape and structure for future days to enjoy. This is the perfect gift for a loved one who looooooves flowers!
(Photo above shows a Pastel Deluxe Arrangement)
  1. Dried bouquet: For an everlasting gift to represent your everlasting love, care, happiness and kindness. We have an assortment of dried flowers to create a unique bunch for you that lives out of water (very low maintenance!) and can survive for the many years to come. Give us a call to arrange (8271 8330), or even hope on in store and pick and choose which dried flower you would like.
  1. Valentine’s Day Mixed Bouquet: Our Valentine’s Day bouquet is what the staff at EEFM came up with this year that they feel best represents Valentine’s Day. Our interpretation of what we think is romance, love and a touch of sexiness. We will be open at 8am on Valentines Day, or we also close at 6pm the night before – why not come in and grab a bunch after work to give to your loved one on the morning of VDAY? You can also organise a delivery for your loved one, order online now or call us on 8271 8330 to arrange!
  1. Roses: For the first time ever!!!!! EEFM will have roses at Valentines Day. A classic valentines gift, coming in many colours to please your loved one. Pink, Yellow, Red, you name it! You’ll have to get in quick though as these babies are sure to sell out. Roses hold a strong importance at Valentines Day. Just how they say a picture can speak a thousand words, Roses are the equivalent to that – they represent so much love and romance, and are the perfect flower for this VDAY.
  1. Little Something: A little something covers all bases, flowers, a jar and water, the complete package - we take care of everything so your loved one doesn’t have to. A little something is our smallest size in the amber jar range, however we also have a Queen or King if you would like to upsize. All sizes in our amber jar range are the perfect gift to send to a workplace to keep on a desk. Something that constantly reminds your special someone of your love.
We hope you enjoy our range this Valentines Day. If there’s something you cant see on our website and feel we’ve done previously, just give us a call on 8271 8330 and we can help you as much as possible. Most importantly, spread the love this VDAY the world needs more of it!



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