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EEFM's Staff Ideal Valentine's Day Dates

EEFM's Staff Ideal Valentine's Day Dates

EEFM's Ideal Staff Valentine's Day Dates:

We all definitely wont have any dates organised on V Day or the week of. However, when we have stopped making the bouquets and have some rest these are our ideal Valentine's Day dates.
If you are lost for an activity to do on Valentine's Day have a look at our list, we've got some pretty cool ideas for you and your loved one.



Ideal date: My ideal date would involve gin tastings up in the Adelaide Hills, strawberry picking and a visit to the cat café
Ideal V Day gift: Flowers! Cant ever get enough of them


Ideal Date: My ideal date would be a date-crawl, like a pub crawl but instead of pubs doing fun activities. Including coffee, hiking, movies and an all you can eat restaurant.
Ideal V Day gift: Puppy


Ideal date: Going to the beach and watching my partner surf, then we go out for dinner at a nice restaurant by the beach.
Ideal V Day Gift: An organised dinner with my partner for next time!




Ideal date: A relaxing day, walking the dog at the beach, an afternoon G&T sitting outside playing board games, followed by dinner at Hoosegow Charcoal in Magill
Ideal V Day Gift: Jewellery 


Ideal date: My ideal date would be a picnic in the botanical gardens or by the beach (Preferably Second Valley + swimming included)
Ideal V Day Gift: An activity gift i.e. a painting class or dinner or anything involving my partner and I (I also agree with Darcy’s answer a Puppy would really blow my socks off).


Ideal Date: Any date where we can be together without a baby or a sleep in
Ideal V Day Gift: Anything from Aesop


Ideal date: I would start off the morning with a long walk on the beach, followed by a picnic on the beach and then continue the afternoon relaxing at home with no where to be and no plans at all.
Ideal V Day Gift: A little treat (biscuits) cooked from my partner!


Ideal Date: Going for a bike ride along Linear Park to Henley Beach 
Ideal V Day Gift: A litre of Cookies and Cream Ice cream with Ice Magic


Ideal Date: Going out to a nice dinner with a couple glasses of wine and home to bed early
Ideal V Day Gift: No gifts is my ideal gift


A combined ideal Date and gift: 2000 units of Akon currency and a trip to Akon city


Mine doubles up, my Ideal Date and Ideal Gift: Spontaneous trip (except camping)


Ideal Date: Doing a cooking class with Maggie Beer, with a nice red
Ideal V Day Gift: A book, 'Maggies Christmas Softcover Cookbook'

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