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Everlasting Arrangement - The Pippens

Everlasting Arrangement - The Pippens

Everlasting Arrangement- The Pippens
One of life’s simple pleasures (in my opinion) is having flowers at home. Even the humblest bunch can brighten up a space, and bring a bit of nature inside. As florists, one thing we do hear from time to time though, is that people hate that flowers won’t last forever! While that is part of their beauty, that you have to fully enjoy them while you have them, we can understand why people would love them to last forever.
After thinking it over for a while, the clever EEFM ladies have the perfect solution! Introducing our Everlasting Arrangements- The Pippens. Now you can have your cake (beautiful, real, dried flowers) and eat it too (keep them forever)!
The Pippens consists of an assortment of all our favourite dried flowers that we are currently stocking in store. This includes, starlingia- died orange and hot pink, wheat, hand picked from the Barossa Valley, Cotton, Billy Buttons, Mini Palm Hearts, Dried broken fern and Teasle.  
Since we started stocking more dried flowers they have been literally flying out the door, our customers can't seem to get enough of them, so thats why we decided to create a beautiful arrangement in its own vessel that will last for ever. 
Send the a friend to brighten their day- for an unexpectedly long time, or treat your self today. These arrangements make the perfect centre piece and bright so much life even after they have dried. 
Although these arrangements will last forever, we only have limited stock, so get in and get yours quickly at East End Flower Market!
Happy shopping!
Bon x



Everlasting Arrangement - The Pippens

Everlasting Arrangement - The Pippens

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