For the indecisive shopper…..EEFM Totes Goodie Bag

Quite often here at EEFM we have customers who can’t decide between flowers or a plant to give as a gift. Well, why don’t you do both? EEFM brings to you the ‘Goodie Bag’, the gift that has a little bit of everything so that you don’t have to decide!
A Goodie Bag contains:
1x little something (for your fresh flower fix)
1x single succulent terrarium (and here’s your plant)
1x candle (a little something extra)
All brought together in one of our staff designed tote bags (talk about practical!)
The little something is a small arrangement made up in an amber jar, so water and a vase is all sorted and they can be made to any one of our signature colour tones.
Then the succulent, an easy to look after plant in case the receiver is an indoor plant beginner (Don’t worry we provide a care card as well!). They come already potted so all the hassle of potting a plant has already been done for them and if they are a plant enthusiast then it is just another cute plant to add to their collection.
To top it off, a candle flavour of your choice and you can’t go wrong because they all smell delicious! Lastly, it really is the gift that keeps on giving as it is packed in a practical, reusable tote bag that can be used for anything and everything and lasts forever.
The perfect gift for if you can’t decide, packed with variety! A great idea if you don’t particularly know the receiver that well (covering all bases), a great beginners present to see if they prefer flowers or plants and now you know for future reference or just a nice gift if you want to spoil someone with options.
Love, EEFM
Darcy x

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