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Fun Facts about Cotton

Fun Facts about Cotton

Fun Facts About Cotton

  1. There are 52 different species of cotton
  2. Cotton is related to the hibiscus family
  3. The plant flowers pink and cream flowers first then they drop after pollination and the cotton grows
  4. They grow in 1 metre shrubs
  5. Cotton fibres are actually hollow but too miniscule to see
  6. The warmer the weather the faster cotton grows
  7. Cotton is grown in 100 different countries
  8. The widest produced natural fibre
Cotton is one of our most requested dried flowers!
We sell cotton for $15 per stem! As soon as we get it in store it flies out the doors - We put it down to the uniqueness and lasting forever.
Cotton is such a statement piece in a beautiful vessel or vase throughout your home. It may sound a bit wild however as soon as you place a stem or two around your home you will see how beautiful it is.
Come in store today to 248 Grenfell St, Adelaide 5000 to grab yourself a bunch or a stem! Get in quick!
    Fun Facts about Cotton

    Fun Facts about Cotton

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    Hi there i wanted to say that the facts are very interessting and that I encourage you to continue studying about different plants


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