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Geraldton Wax

Geraldton Wax

What does EEFM love about June? (Aside from hot chocolates and fluffy socks!) Geraldton Wax comes back into season!

Its scientific name is Chamelaucium, a flower seen in your bunches to brighten up the winter days and nights. Radiant green leaves with groovy flower pods that will eventually flower as we get later into the year. Geraldton Wax or ‘Gezza’ as we call it, comes in a variety of colours to please everyone! These include pink, purple, white and green and the crowd favourite that is a reddy-orange making it look like a sunset in a flower.

And that’s why we put them in every bouquet because they are extremely versatile in all our signature colour tones. These stunning beauties are about the size of a 10c coin but have several flowers on the stem, being quality and quantity all in one. How could this long lasting cut flower get any better? IT’S AN AUSTRALIAN NATIVE from Western Australia! Which compliments our specialty wild bouquets.

And this is why it is East End Flower Market’s popular flower for June. Sadly, Geraldton Wax leaves us as spring starts to blossom and we welcome back Pin Cushions! Come in store at 248 Grenfell Street sometime during this wintery weather and check out one of our favourite flowers to brighten up your day. To warm up your day you’ll have to visit our neighbours at Le Carpe Diem for a hot coffee or crepe for those who have a sweet tooth.

Geraldton wax has a honey scent but don’t be fooled it definitely doesn’t taste like it! If you decide you love this flower as much as us, Bourke’s Backyard says it grows the best in Adelaide so you can plant this hardy shrub in your own garden and enjoy it all year round. But if that’s too hard we’ve got your back, stocking bunches of the little beauty in store.

Rug up, stay warm and enjoy Gezza sitting on your table this winter. 

Darcy x

Geraldton Wax

Geraldton Wax

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