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Happy 4th Birthday EEFM!

Happy 4th Birthday EEFM!

Last week you may have seen our blog about our growth and the changes we have made since the birth of EEFM! Today we are here to give our little biz the Happy Birthday is so surely deserves.
Since EEFM began 4 years ago, our space has grown and so has our wonderful team.
We are all so proud of the growth of this family run business and of all of our team members past and present. Not a day goes by where we don’t acknowledge how lucky we are that EEFM took the East End by storm in 2015!
Along with that, we want to thank you, our dearest customers, for your support over these 4 years! We truly could not have grown into the business that we are now, without your constant support. We could not tell you enough how much your purchases, feedback, and suggestions have helped and we hope that this continues for the next 40 years!!
We can only hope that 2019, our fourth year of trading, continues to represent our love for flowers, plants, and always taking a wild risk by adding new styles, designs and themes.
We look forward to continuing to put smiles on our customers faces with our designs that reach their doors daily and for those who come in store to buy themselves a well deserved floral treat!
Happy 4thBirthday EEFM, you have been a dream for us all and we will forever cherish the past 4 years and all those that are to come.
Love, The Entire EEFM Family xx
If you want to check out who the EEFM family are click here.

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