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4 reasons why Peace Lilies are one of our favourites…

4 reasons why Peace Lilies are one of our favourites…

Peace lilies are one of our favourite plants at East End Flower Market. Not only do they flower beautifully, they also are a great touch of lush greenery in your home. They require little help to thrive, which means they have a big tick of approval from us.

Here are 4 reasons why Peace Lilies are one of our favourites…
 Easy Care
Some plants may look healthy for months and overnight they suddenly die past the point of return, and you only wish it showed you that it was struggling. Luckily when it comes to Peace Lily’s they are not like that. They stand nice and tall when they have been watered appropriately and droop down when they need extra care.
Peace Lilies are a plant that plays no games. When it needs care it will droop and when its happy it will look amazing. If it's looking a little sad you won't be to walk past without going back to help the little guy out. This will help those people who struggle with when to water their plant. 
 Peace Lilies don’t need a scheduled water
Some plants like our friend, Fiddle Leaf Fig love a routine water, but Peace Lily’s not so much.
They are happy to be watered whenever they are looking droopy. In fact, it is better to underwater the plant rather than over water as they are more resilient to that. Waiting for that perfect time to water your best buddy is ideal.
Peace Lilies can almost be in any room as they like mid to little amounts of light. Which is perfect for most of us who aren’t blessed by the lighting gods and have average natural light throughout the house. 
Remove toxins from the air
A Peace Lily are ridiculously good for you and your families health.
Research conducted by Nasa found Peace Lilies to be one of the best indoor plants for cleaning air. The Peace Lily breaks down and neutralizes toxic gases found around the home (i.e. benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide).
If you need even more convincing pop by our shop on Grenfell St, and any of our staff will be happy to talk about how much they love theirs. See you soon!

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