History of the popular Flower Crown


 It’s no surprise that flower crowns are super popular at the moment. You would of noticed that people wear them for just about anything these days. Most of us know that wearing flower crowns is the latest fashion accessory for hens parties, baby showers and most popular weddings. Its vintage- look has been traced back to the ancient civilizations.
Come with us as EEFM goes through the history of flower crowns…
The Ancient Greek Flower Crown
Flower Crowns were common in ancient Greece and were popular to wear to honor the gods. If you think about Julius Caesar, he was rocking the laurel flower crown. Laurel wreaths as they were known as, were awarded to army conquerors to acknowledge their achievements and to show respect.
The Ukrainian Flower Crown
Flower crowns also known as "Vinok" were apart of the traditional folk dress in the Ukraine. During a Ukrainian wedding ceremony, flower crowns made out of periwinkle and myrtle were placed on top of the couple's heads after the exchanging of wedding vows.
The Ancient Chinese Flower Crown
Orange blossom flower crowns wear worn during a wedding. Orange trees blossom and provide fruit at the same time, this symboloized fertility and was thought to bring goodluck for children to the newly weds marriage.
The Victorian Era Flower Crown
Like the white wedding gown, Queen Victoria also brought the flower crown into fashion in Europe. She wore an orange blossom wreath (the idea borrowed from the Chinese) in her hair for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840.
The 1960s American Flower Crown
In the 1960’s flower crowns were associated with hippie culture and became a fashion accessory. Flower crowns were associated with peace and love. This was the first time flower crowns were worn for fashion rather than for traditional meanings like weddings.
Today's Flower Crown
So why are we so bloody obsessed with flower crowns? Well besides the fact that they do symbolize, love, fertility and celebration throughout history they are an easy way to show your own personality through design. If you are a bright and enthusiatic person than you might be be more inclined to wear a big, bold over the top flower crown and if you’re a bit more laid back, you might go for a dainty style flower crown in pastel tones.  Whatever your style is, East End Flower Market can create something for you or for your loved one.
We create flower crowns using the hardiest seasonal flowers in your desired colour palette, whether it be pastel, burgundy, bright, white and green or wild flowers we have you covered for your next function.
The following style and prices are as follows;
Quarter Crown- $60
Half Crown- $90
Full Crown- $120
If you would like to know more about EEFM custom flower crowns than you can click here or give us a call on 82718330 to have a chat with one of our florists. 
Love Justine x

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