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How Long is it Okay for me to Leave my Flowers out of Water?

How Long is it Okay for me to Leave my Flowers out of Water?

We understand that when you come to pick your flowers up they will sit in your car out of water for a duration of time. We don’t really advise to keep your flowers out of water for too long, but how it affects them is dependant on two things:

  1. What types of flowers are in your bouquet
  2. The weather/ temperature
We, at EEFM, typically use long lasting flowers. This is because we try to give you the biggest bang for your buck – we want you to enjoy your bouquet for as long as possible. We’ve recently incorporated quite a few new varieties of flowers into our floristry repertoire. Celosias, dahlias, hydrangeas; just to name a few. We absolutely love these new varieties and are having so much fun getting creative with our bouquets. Though a lot of these flower varieties are stunning, a few of them are a little bit delicate. Flowers with a sturdy, woody stem are the most durable. Think chrysanthemums and daisies. They are the most likely to survive out of water for a couple of hours. Other flowers with a delicate stem and petals, like dahlias and hyrdangeas, aren’t as durable and do take a little bit more TLC.

The temperature has a significant affect on flowers. Those warmer days we had recently had our flowers extra thirsty. On those hot days, be sure to get then into water as soon as possible, head straight home or to that special person’s house that’s is receiving the beautiful bouquet.  

Now, we understand that some times things take longer and time can get away from us, especially on those lazy Sundays. If this is the case, it is okay to keep your flowers out of water for a maximum of 1 hour on a hot day, and on a more temperate day a maximum of 3 hours. Just make sure to cut the stems again once you get home and put them straight into clean vase with fresh water. If you like you can add a single drop of bleach to the vase which helps keep the bacteria away and the water cleaner for longer.   

If leaving your flowers out of water is your concern, we do deliver! And if you order before 12pm, we deliver on the same day. Call us on 8271 8330 to place your order, or you can do it all online here.
How Long is it Okay for me to Leave my Flowers out of Water?

How Long is it Okay for me to Leave my Flowers out of Water?

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