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How to care for your indoor plants in the cooler months

How to care for your indoor plants in the cooler months

If you have either stepped into our space at 248 Grenfell St, Adelaide or had a nosey at our social media pages you would have noticed that we are obsessed with indoor plants. Indoor plants make our living spacious feel more homely and at work it brings the outdoors, indoors.
Over the winter months you probably think that you don’t need to give your plant some love and care but you do! It’s important to establish the different care instructions going from summer to winter and vice versa.
Here are a few tips East End Flower Market recommends for your plant friend in the cooler months.
It is important in the cooler months to manage your watering. If your plant is placed in a well-heated room you might need to water a little more. The best way to tell if your plant needs water is to grab a popsicle stick and place it into the topsoil, if it’s dry you need a little top up of water and if it’s damp then you can leave it for a few more weeks. It’s important not to have your plant pooling in water during the winter months as this is when your plant will get root rot because the water will not evaporate as quickly as in the warmer months.
During those dark wintery days, we are faced with less light, which is no good for our indoor plants. Always move your plants closer to a light source during those darker winter days, even if its just for a few hours a week. They will be so happy to get a little vitamin D in their leaves.
During winter when your plant is not producing as many new leaves its important to look after your established leaves. A great way to give your plant some love and care is to give them a really good clean. Use a clean damp cloth to wipe any dust off the leaves. By dusting the leaves it will allow for maximum photosynthesis especially when your plants have been moved closer to the natural light.
With these tips in mind your plant will be healthy and ready for its peak growth season in spring.

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